Cannasalt is easy

Green Dragon over sea salt


@wow_arizona , what is your recipe?

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Add INTENSELY strong Green Dragon (Everclear & decarbed rosin pucks) to sea salt and stir, allow to evaporate.

The biggest prep is making the Green Dragon. I took the ‘pucks’ from pressing rosin (from flower and sift/kief) and removed all of the material. IT was then finely ground in a coffee grinder exclusively used for cannabis. That was decarbed in Ardent Nova Lift machines. Well over three fourths of a pound of material was then put into Everclear, allowed to sit for a couple of days and I shook it now and then. Due to being already decarbed, it was only necessary to get the oil into solution.

After pouring over the salt, I just kept adding as much as it would allow me to without it any accumulating or puddling on the bottom of the plate. The st molecule is smaller than sugar and it dries a LOT faster than the sugar, usually in a day.