Ordered a unit it came all beat up with the back dented in need to be returned I got with them a week ago and still waiting on their UPS pickup should have been here yesterday did not arrive today did not arrive contacted them they said they don’t know what a joke if you’re even going to think about wasting your money on this machine definitely go and look at it at a grow shop I would never order it online it will be beat up and customer service is not much assistance in getting it picked up and returned
Very disappointed in there service they give a bunch of lip service with no results everyone says I don’t have they authorization to do that
Wish I would’ve never purchased without seeing it first


Hi @jj520

Been pondering how to respond over the issue you have been having. I think its important to raise your concerns about bad service. But one thing for certain is calmness and perseverance goes a long way. Also dealing with a reputable company like is always the best way forward, as it comes with after sales service and support.

Let us know the outcome, i know both companies you are dealing with have decent track records, and your equipment should be replaced in good time.


@chrisj we use to have one locally but they closed was very nice having growers house to go in and shop

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