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Cannmed October 22-24

This is my favorite conference!


We are big fans of @BenMGC and the Medicinal Genomics team!


Hey guys. Thanks for the love. Sorry I’m just seeing this now.

We have updated our speaker list and are adding new sponsors every day! We have some exciting news to share about the panels we have planned for the event as well. Be sure to sign up for our email updates on!


I am very selective about what events I go to…but this is one event I REALLY want to attend! What has been your experience @Taima?


It’s groundbreaking and the researchers, doctors, and caliber of presenters is unparalleled. :blush:
It’s professional but laid back, amazing networking opportunities.
Since your a microbiome fan, I think you’d love to learn about genetics too. This is the place!
David Meiri is a researcher that spoke last year and it was one of my favorite presentations. Here is a video of him speaking about cancer.
Highly recommended!


Thanks so much for sharing @Taima! I definitely want to go! I’ll be looking forward to meeting folks at Cannmed!

Have other GNET members attended past CannMed events? If so, what was your experience?


In addition to the great talks on the latest cannabis medicine research, CannMed 2018 is going to have two sessions devoted to cannabis genetics and cannabis cultivation, which would be of interest to the GNET community. See the descriptions below and feel free to hit me up with any questions!

The genomics track will cover a wide array of topics, from genetic strain cataloguing to marker-assisted selection and more. Dr. Jonathan Page will deliver the first presentation, highlighting the genetic markers that lead to bigger yields and efficient cultivation. Then, Dr. Philippe Henry will discuss the use of genetic assays targeting highly variable regions to identify and classify cannabis in a scientifically sound way, as opposed to the colloquial strain names. As an appropriate continuation, co-presenters Savino Sguera and Marco Troiani discuss Digamma Labs’ new naming technology, incorporating genetics and chemoprofiles to provide an accurate and instructive name to cannabis chemovars in the growing medicinal and recreational markets worldwide. Lastly, Kevin McKernan will present on his work with Medicinal Genomics, where he is probing the highly polymorphic genome of cannabis, as well as studying the pathogenic microbes that prey on it.

The cultivation component of CannMed 2018 will cover innovations and discoveries in growing and care for cannabis plants. Dr. Jeffrey Raber will begin with a presentation of the molecular analysis of cannabis constituents, based on his work with the Werc Shop testing cannabis products for chemical profiling. Zamir Punja, Ph.D. then discusses his research into cannabis diseases and ailments, with the hope of better combating plant pathogens going forward. Lastly, Dr. Jonathan Vaught is presenting on employing tissue culture in order to maximize the efficiency and yield of cannabis cultivation, as well as to minimize synthetic chemical additives. The session will conclude with a panel discussion led by Katya Boudko, Manager of Research and Development at Canopy Growth Corp.

BTW We are still collecting speaker bios, so that’s why some names were not linked.


Cannmed is going to be awesome!