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Capital Fundraising -- Capital Assistance


Looking for advice on capital fundraising. Our group is one of 14 manufacturers to submit application as well as being approved at the municipal level here in Massachusetts. We are looking to take on investors to complete our infrastructure buildout and to provide initial operating capital.

Any advice, tips, or sources is greatly appreciated!




First Merchant Bank Card services offers various loan and JV programs to the cannabis industry. We’d be happy to hear of any capital requests. Many of our clients are also looking to invest in cannabis related projects.


If at any time an investor would require a financial guarantee bond to help secure the agreement, let me know. I can definitely help you with that.

Karla Schleier
[email protected]


What is a financial guarantee bond and why would an investor require it?
This is all new to me.


The bond would be in place as a level of security for investors…kind of like insurance but not insurance. So should something happen adversely and the investor, let’s say, does not get a return on what he invested per your agreement, the bond could then come into play for the investor.

So basically it can be looked upon as guaranteeing a loan. Another way it could come into play is if you are seeking investors to build a cultivation facility or dispensary, you could require a payment and performance bond for the contractor building the facility. This would help make sure that the GC performs the duties per the construction contract and pays his vedors and/or subcontractors for their work.

There are more ways a bond can come into play in all sorts of situations so I would need to know more from you to better give you an idea of how it can help.

:slight_smile: Karla


What types of funding are you supplying? Are these all merchant advances, equity or debt?


Thank you for your question. We will do debt and equity deals.
Please present us any project you’d like us to look at.


Hi @brian1

At Cannabiz Cash Professionals, we can provide you with unsecured financial solutions to get your business moving. Just in case you are not aware, the unsecured loans we provide means you do not risk your assets to be used as collateral and we can provide funding within 24 hours of your application being submitted.

Contact me for more information.

Cannabiz Cash Professionals
[email protected]


I am doing a 3-4 tranche money raise for $100K with the second a $400K convertible debt to a $4 MM public deal ultimately raising $400 MM for a 420 themed entertainment complex in Portland, OR. The first round is (4) $25K or (1) $100K straight loan willing to pay 15% APR for 18 months backed by a federal trademark for 420 Holiday and inventory of $100K. This will allow 12.5% participation in the second round. If you are interested make an appointment at our online calendar Thank you.