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Career Opportunity: Agronomist Adviser - Cannabis

Agronomist Sales Adviser (Cannabis)

(San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

Mac & Fulton Talent Partners is looking for an accomplished agronomist to advise customer accounts in cannabis cultivation for a hydroponics substrate manufacturer.


• Advise customers as to the benefits of the hydro product line
• Explain the technical applications of the product
• Make sound recommendations on products for clients in the cannabis space
• Manage accounts with commercial cannabis cultivation operations
• Educate client base about essential plant growth functions in relations to said product line
• Demonstrate technical product knowledge
• Teach clients about the technical challenges of Controlled Environment Agriculture
• Maintain accurate records of sales activities
• Demonstrate an understanding of inventory, pricing, and sales
• Participate and contribute in the development of educational programs offered to clients, prospects, and company employees.

Required Qualifications:

• Degree in the Horticultural Sciences (preferred)
• Commercial cannabis cultivation experience in a managerial or director level
• Deep knowledge base of hydroponic agriculture
• Technology savvy
• Experience growing cannabis in hydroponics systems
• Commercial greenhouse cultivation experience
• Ability to teach/consult on cultivation methods
• Understanding of elemental nutrients and the development of custom feeding schedules

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