Cbd boxes suggestions

Was looking for cbd boxes and came to know this url

Need suggestion to have such boxes.
Please advise

Hi sandyqueene.
I have a 40 year background in print and advertising including
over 25 years experience in the converting side (custom packaging).
I would be sure to ask a few important questions when requesting a quote.
Can I provided my own custom box or package style or do you have to choose
from the companies library? If you provide your own shape for the box or packaging
you should be provided a cost for this as part of your quote.
Do I have to provide my own art design or are there designers on staff to work with?
If designers can be provided to assist you in creating the art you want presented
on your packaging, it is important to confirm what the rate/charge will be for the service.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need any of these services.