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CBD Flower from 10% to 23% CBD

I have quite the selection of CBD rich flowers from multiple different strains. Some from OregonCBD genetics and a few more Colorado genetics that surprisingly performed better then we thought. I have thousands of pounds of QUALITY flower not spinach Biomass in a super sack. We’ve taken care of our product to ensure the buyers receive a product worthy to sell to the consumers. If you need flower you know who to message or email, I promise its worth just asking at least.

[email protected]
Thank you have a great day,
Jonathan Thiesse

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Can you read my new post about looking for CBD flower. DM if interested in offer

I would be down, but we’re trying to move some weight along with our flowers have small traces of THC. They’re compliant with hemp regulations, it’s just rare in our industry to have genetics that can consistently shut of the THC gene. :frowning:

I have clients who can’t have any amount in their system. Due to jobs.
I have access to this type. Its just way over priced.
And pounds of CBD flower are selling here around $350

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