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CBD From Hemp

Hello GN!

I am doing a little research of CBD derived from hemp and have a question about growing it…when growing high CBD hemp strains, do you let them go to seed or harvest at the “fiber” stage for the highest CBD content? For some reason I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere.



hi cberg

when ever the plant goes into seed it will loose cannabinoid content.
if in cbd you are interested then focus on flower production


Hi Braudo,

I’m not sure if you are familiar with hemp, but it is typically grown as a field crop for either fiber or seed production. Because of the large scale it is grown on, males cannot easily be removed. So, harvesting for fiber occurs before it has a chance to seed out, and harvesting for seed occurs after they are mature. I am trying to figure out how CBD fits into this. As you suggested, the focus in medical marijuana would be flower production but I believe that opportunity does not exist in hemp.


well familiar with hemp and about to cultivate 5 he this season for this exact reason.

  1. where are you growing?
  2. see there are dioceuos and monocious so selection is posiblle.

in the us i think its possible to get feminized hemp.
i know in swiss they grow from cuttings hemp.
in eu its a bit complicated because of regulation of the verities.


Wow that’s great! I do wonder
Researching to grow in North East US.
I understand that there are dioecious, and monoecious. But, is there an economical way to select out males when growing dioecious field crops? I’m just having trouble understanding how this is feasible.

Additionally, you will need measures to prevent pollination from nearby crops if you want to improve your odds of success.


This is definitely worth considering. I can’t think of any reason it cant be done either. It is Cannabis sativa after all.


You also need to learn how to control your pollen. Hemp farmers seem to be pretty indiscriminate with the pollen they let fly into the wind, it’s GREAT for growing cannabis outside (no sarcasm there at all.) Wink wink. lol!

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You are looking for Female hemp plants. They grow the same as Cannabis plants. They flower and produce Buds for harvesting CBD oils. You need to look for a High yielding plant with 15% or more CBD and no THC. Feminized CBD hemp plants that have less than .01 percent THC is legal to grow in the USA in all 50 states. Under the Obama Farm act of 2016.


So why aren’t we feminizing hemp? Cannot it not be done? We can feminize cannabis seeds all day and night and the success rate for females is ridiculously high (I’d argue around 98-99% from the hundreds of fems I’ve grown.) Food for thought?