CBD vaping

Hello everyone, I found CBD Cartridge MJ Pod 250mg for Vape pen | Buy online | Marry Jane I want to order myself, but I decided to ask, have you tried something similar? is it better or worse than cigarettes and regular vaping? How long can I smoke it? Please tell us about your experience

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Vaping CBD hurts my lungs. The CBD crystalline structure acts like shards of glass and makes me cough so much people think I have Covid19.
What I’m saying is I prefer tinctures, gummy, distillate, patches, lotions, for hemp meds including CBD.
Hemp is great meds, but for me vaping CBD is useless and hurts my lungs not worth the money.

About vaping, if you are concerned about your lungs, vape on lower temps.
The problem is CBD has a higher boiling point and requires higher temps of 650F 700F and at least 750F just to get a hit.
Are you confused?
I’m sorry I don’t smoke cigs, those darn things make me dizzy. I would assume combusting cigarettes will kill you faster than vaping CBD.
Kyle M


I know a lot of people that enjoy the cbd vaping. To be honest I can’t handle this. It is too hard for me and once I had a situation when my “friend” gave me this to smoke without telling me what is there. It is my fault that I had faith in him and he betrayed me. I just felt so bad after that. She knows that I like vaping and thought it will be fun to gave me that. I felt very bad because I am used to smoke simple vaping oils from https://www.vapetown.co.uk/collections/vaporesso-coils. The CBD is nothing compared to the stuff they have there.


I think vapes have their place and a huge favorite for the medical cannabis community. Like @urbanguy says, its also safer and also more effective, you get more THC/CBD to your bloodsystem faster than any other delivery method. So bang for your buck, vaping is better than smoking. Check out this video review of The Mi-POD.

Everything you need to know about the Mi-Pod device!