Central Arizona Cannabis Cultivators Community!

What’s up everyone! I’m an arizonan grower from Central Phoenix looking for other growers in my area. With the passing of prop 207 were that much closer to full legalization! But as cannabis becomes more “commercial” and with so many large companies getting into the industry. I believe its even more important for us home growers to get connected and begin to build a tight-knit community of passionate, dedicated and responsible growers. I was thinking of starting agroup called the Central Arizona Cannabis Cultivators Community. A group of local arizonans mainly in the Maricopa area that grow their own cannabis and would like to get involved with other growers in the Maricopa area and do more than just share pictures of our grows but also meet up with other Growers compare cannabis, trade cuttings or seeds and build relationships with like minded growers that share the same love for cultivating cannabis. If you live in the central Phoenix / Maricopa County area, come check it out. https://discord.gg/qkFPXTZf


I can help! So how ferocious are you with your social media? It will take up a good portion of time. You can dm me and ill give you my contact info…

Congrats and welcome to the growers network. I will be very excited to see your grow.

This is one of your first stops so we shall start here. So start your grow journal on here. Start to finish kinda thread. This will attract folks from all over as well. You will be tying in these profiles with your social media platforms. Your fellow growers will follow the same from you and then your community will begin.

Cool, thanks for the support! Unfortunately I’m not very ferocious with my social media posting. I work full time and have a little one on the way. I was hoping to start a grassroots type community. I noticed that there is a Arizonan group but its targeted at Tucson growers. Do you know how I would go about making one for central Arizona? It was also suggested that I should open a Discord?


Hows it goin!? My family and I are moving to AZ soon, like a few months. I would love to converse with like minded individuals! I would like to see about becoming a MMJ caregiver, as well!


Right on! Join our Discord and meet the other members. https://discord.gg/qkFPXTZf see you there and happy holidays.

I am interested in joining group. I live in Gold Canyon at the base of the Superstitions
Regards Karl

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You can give it a shot. I’m going to archive this topic. It’s pretty old with no activity.