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CenturionPro XL Megabucker - Process up to 2,400 lbs stems per hour (480 lbs dry)!

CenturionPro XL Megabucker

Introducing the world’s first industrial scale destemming solution for commercial hemp and cannabis growers. Accommodating up to 16 operators, this destemming goliath can run up to 2400 lbs of wet material per hour (480 lbs dry)!

With one variable speed conveyor to deliver unprocessed product to operators and two for stem and flower removal, combine with the XL 10.0 to achieve the highest capacity harvesting system in the world!

Reversible rollers make clearing jams a breeze, simply remove the panels to allow for easy roller access and cleaning.

Unsure which harvesting solution best fits your grow? Find out with the CenturionPro Product Selector!

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