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Cereal milk veg-flower process?!

Hey all, I’m currently growing the strain Cereal Milk, which is a cross between GSC/CherryPie/Snowman…

I’m getting close to enter vegging stage but i’m having some trouble with building more humidity for my space… I’ve tried, 5 gal buckets, spraying walls, etc… I had a little humidifier but it broke on me and so I’m currently awaiting for a better one I just bought online…

However I wanted to see if theres anyone that has dealt with this strain before and successfully grew it to its finest?

What was the process like?
Hows its humidity during veg from flower
what’d you feed your soil with when repotting/ transplanting?
What kind of lighting did you use??


Hi @tba823, grown both the parent strains, but never the hybrid you are growing. Humidity you want at the following during the lifecycle:

Seedling/clone: 60 - 80%
Vegging 55 - 70%
Flowering 40 - 50%

If you have repotted it from a seedling to a vegging plant, it will require lots of nitrogen for its growth phase.

Add a bowl of water where you are pulling air in, it will help increase your humidity levels until you get a new humidifier. Good growing.


When u repot if u can get some mykos or great white that will help transplant phase. It is a root innocculant that helps root growth. Mix it in the soil make your trandplant hole add more in the hole and on the root ball when u take out of cup. Put in hole bury and water then leave alone for a couple few days kusy watching her. Water again when the pot feels super light. Always wait for it to dry out real well before u water again so u dont smother the roots. Good luck happy growing.


I’ve heard about great white a lot of times, when I was going to buy it I was told/shown about this concentrated nutrient called Mammoth P? So when I was repotting I blended some drips of it in my ph water and pour some in a spritz and sprayed the hole and root ball before inserting. so far they’re looking good, and just about on its 4th leaf and I also will water them with some of the nutrients too! But i think i will still try great white eventually, thanks bro


Thanks chris for the advice. I actually had a red cup with brown sugar creating some co2 but I didn’t know that would be neccessary when repotting, I think i’ll just put some in my 5 gal bucket I have filled with water… I have air flow getting exhausted out of a window from filter but none pulling from the outside to back to tent? would that possibly increase my humidity your saying??


Hey bro can I ask where can I get some of them seeds from??

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Yoo I needs the Cereal milk seeds. Can you help with finding them

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I guess not then🤦🏾‍♂️

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Ill try to help yo…

@automatik can you help here?

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Let me see what I can find.


I Know kre8 had them .


Thanks bro

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We will always try to help.

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