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Certification for Child Resistant Packaging

Hi, we are brand new in the community here, and happy to take part.
Our company, Tread Global in Denver, can certify your packaging in accordance with CFR Title 16, Part 1700.

Our typical turn time for the testing is 14 days, and we require 220 samples, and the cost for the certification is $7,995 in most cases. We can also certify for the Canadian standards (CSA Z76.1 & Z76.2) or the European standards (EN8317 & EN14375) if needed.

We can help with design elements or advice for your packaging, and we are experts in mass manufacturing.

Happy to answer any questions at all-


Very nice to meet you Tim! Thanks for joining our community!

For those of us that aren’t really familiar with that certification process, could you do a simple rundown on how that process works and what’s involved? What does it take to get from start to finish typically?