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Change of tactics

Well the little bastard evaded my traps again so I went and got the big boy pellet gun and some pellets and I moved a cppl traps to where it looks like he’s been traveling frm my neighbors property to my shed and out to the river in the back of my property he has his own dam highway back there so the plan is get up early for the time my cameras caught him and make a early breakfast and jus wait for the bastard I he’s not in the new location I put the trap right out side his house in my neighbors property well I first I chased him in there than loaded the gun and went to my neighbors to ask to put traps there then I baracaded all other entrancees now we wait either hel escape the traps or burrow out else where and I’m Guna shot him when he does

Funny thing he didn’t go into my property and eat any of the gorilla glue or cheese like the 2 days before I think he’s noticed im On to him