Chasing genetics and a couple questions

What’s up guys! Two weeks ago I had a grower from another farm dropped off some clones for me that he wanted me to take care of. He’s trying to single out a strain/genetic. We’re going to transplant them to make mother plants. But he brought me pre flowering clones… I had my processing team still poke them. I’ve had them under lights for 24 hrs for about 3 weeks now. Hoping to flip them. It hasn’t seem to be working. They are growing just fine, rooting very fast. Noticed roots within 9 days. My question is. Is there any way I can save them? Or should I just send them out to the transplant team. They still seem to be flowering. Any tips and fast ways to stop this. 24hr lights hasn’t seemed to be working.

Here are some photos

Zoom in to get a nice view on the flowering going down, strain chasing, and roots.

I have two trays like this btw. 100 total clones.

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Have you tried an 18/6 light

Just keep the lights on 24/7, at some point you will see some mutant like vegetative growth begin. After a few more weeks things should take off and normal growth will return. This is referred to as revegging a plant, it takes a good amount of time for the plants hormones to reverse. Be patient.

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in many cases a flowering plant will continue to flower under 18/6 light for quite some time. There are growers who flip lights back to 18/6 at the end of flower to increase yields.

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I ended up sending them out to transplant today. I had them on 24/7 lights for 3 weeks.

That’s really good to know I was not aware of that thank you

are you sure the aren’t auto flowering plant clones?