Cheese strains

Hey everyone… im looking for anyone working with cheese strains like blue cheese or uk cheese… im looking for some gentics. Id like to start a mini hunt for a male so im looking for reg seeds… I’d like to start crossing them with something with a awesome turp profile and maybe find something awesome to work with… but anyways get at me thank you all…


Hard to find regs… but…
My personal favs when it comes to cheeses:

-Big Buddha’s Cheese (late 1980’s original!)
-Green House’s Exodus Cheese (GHS claims to have the extinct breeder Exodus’ genetic, but we’ll never know for sure)
-Paradise’s Original Cheese

None of these will disappoint you, all have that UK original cheese stank and will win from your carbon filter :rofl:
If you’re gunna run some pheno-hunts on these strains, you 100% will find a dank stank cheese!

But even if you would look for Skunk #1’s, you will find what you’re looking for. Original cheese was Skunk #1, it’s just the phenotype.

Franco Loja (RIP) about the original Exodus Cheese that they got in their hands:

Another video (I know, this dude is extremely annoying) but the info is great. Also a bit about Exodus and Buddha.

Yea I know my cheeses :stuck_out_tongue:

Your welcome
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Have a look at Big Buddha’s other Cheese crosses.

The Black Cheese is amazing as well.


this guy is super to deal with :slight_smile:
all the best



Been following, thought you might be interested as this is a nice history about cheese strains:


Planning on finding some of the cheesiest cheeses in these 20 phenos and cross them. Maybe cross some some original Sensi seeds Skunk #1 into it as well. I want a powerhouse of a cheeseplant.


I love some of his videos when he’s hunting for landraces.

It’s hard to image how much work it took to research and go to places all over the world to find new landrace strains or get landrace seeds from where they naturally grow…

but then to document, catalog, duplicate and preserve the strains that they found. The collecting and storing of those seeds (while is was (and sometimes still is) illegal) by pioneers like him will someday be the basis of figuring out true lineage of today’s strains.

We’re all very lucky to have all of the hard work they do documented.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I also love cheese!