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Chefs flower room part 4

For this round of flower I am doing gelato OG, purple queen, vampire mint, Ayahuasca purple, a couple northern lights clones a couple granddaddy perp clones a Scooby snack clone which is the farthest along and black cherry punch. I’ll keep you posted, I got to trim these ladies up to see their legs.


Another flavorful mix of strains there. yummy :yum: will be watching for sure. What did you pull dry weight this time? Your last harvest was nice to see :ok_hand:.

Just took em down, not dry yet. I finally got a good cycle going. As one round finishes, another goes to flower. I’m going to begin construction on my new veg room soon!

Wow a new veg room! Cant wait to see it. I need to flip my nyc diesle. Shes getting to big. And the clones are getting huge :flushed:

Week 2 and 3 of flower I turned on my UVB light for vampire mints. Cheese auto if looking nice

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The Cheese Auto is looking mighty good. I tried growing the same on my first attempt, but ended up accidentally killing all 3 of the seedlings. It is nice to see your babies are alive and well.

Vampire mint 1week before harvest

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