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Chefs Grow Room part III

This time around I have one of my Skittles clones, Scooby snack regular seeds, looking like three females and one male. Also growing northern lights and granddaddy purp for the first time.
I also added a light mover and I have my 10 bar 750 watt full spectrum LED light I got from China, so far so good. I had to add a mobile air conditioner because I have nowhere to grow outdoors unfortunately. Using a mixture of m3 Michigan soil and sohum super soil. They’re equal in growing power by themselves but they each have different ingredients. This is my experiment to see if I get the best of both worlds


Very nice clean setup and looks like the plants are growing in a uniform. Looking forward to seeing what you get out of these lights? Have you tried to test the amount of lumens it pushes to the plants?

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1200 nm at the distance they are now


Was wondering why you dont plant the lights closer but see you trying to get light to the outer plants. All looks great though.