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Chief Compliance Officer Program for Cannabis Organizations


Chief Compliance Officer Program
for Cannabis Organizations


Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
The CCO is responsible for overseeing compliance within an organization, and ensuring compliance with regulatory code requirements, laws, policies and procedures. The CCO is responsible for establishing standards and implementing procedures for compliance programs to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Responsibilities include:

Identifying, preventing, detecting and correcting non-compliance items
Developing and executing an annual compliance work plan
Reporting to senior management on program effectiveness
Overseeing, monitoring and developing policies and program reviews
Challenges for the Chief Compliance Officer
For cannabis operators, the role is not clearly or properly defined…
Multiple regulatory code sets from disparate agencies
Multiple agencies at Federal, State, County and City levels
There are no effective monitoring and reporting policies and procedures in place…
Many organizations start from scratch, or a broken model/framework
Difficult to know what applies, what doesn’t and who to ask for help
The CCO does not have the finances or human resources to do the job…
Implementing a new program is complex, time-consuming and expensive
Resources must know regulatory code and inspection process
CCO Program from Adherence Compliance
Add Adherence’s CCO Program and our Annual Compliance Plan to ensure compliance regulations are routinely inspected and monitored, both internally with inspection software (Adherence SCORE App) and externally using Adherence-trained compliance inspectors. The Program includes Adherence inspections every six-months, along with Training Services by jurisdiction for management and all staff.

Month 1: CCO Program Inspections, Training and Software
Adherence Inspections by License Type and State
Adherence Training by License Type and State
Adherence SCORE App for Automated Compliance inspections
Month 2 - 6: Routine Internal Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
Monthly inspections by the organization with the Adherence SCORE App
Recurring reviews with your Adherence Account Director
Month 7: CCO Program Inspections, Training and Software
Repeat Month 1 steps every six-months for latest in State-based training & compliance inspections
Month 8 - 12: Routine Internal Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

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For more information on our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Program, please call 720-616-3900. Click here for more on Financial Compliance Inspections, & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Training Services.
What’s Inspected -> Current Federal, State and Local Regulations

15 Compliance Categories Reviewed: Inventory, Security, Safety, Business Records/SOPs, Testing, Physical Premise/Building, Licensing, Permits, Waste, etc.
Dispensaries & Retail Stores
Cultivation Centers: All sizes / types, indoor / outdoor
Manufacturers: All types, Volatile and Non-Volatile
Distributors & Transportation
What’s Received -> Review of Overall Compliance & Report Card

2-3-Hour Regulatory Compliance Inspection for all available State, County and City requirements on-site. Travel is included.
Report Card with score, list of infractions, observations, notes and photos
Comparative analysis on how your license stacks up to others
What’s Your SCORE?

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Adherence Compliance - Updates & In The News
We’ve been busy! Adherence won a government contact in California for use of our Code Development, Code Enforcement Software and Training Services!
Another first for Adherence Compliance!

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