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Chlorine Dioxide Pouches -- Keep your shipments bacteria free?

I saw this on the USDA’s website and thought it would be interesting to get y’all’s take on it. Chlorine dioxide is a fumigant which kills most microbio pests and then dissipates rather quickly. This latest “invention” uses chlorine dioxide, much like the desiccant packets you find in all sorts of things, to keep the contents of the box free from bacteria and fresh.

Now, I think this might be more useful for long-distance shipping or shipping for relatively long periods of time, but it might have some use with cannabis. What do y’all think?


You might also want to look at Nitrous oxide as a preservative. It is FDA and USDA approved. It has both anti microbial and anti fungal properties. Nitrous oxide requires no special handling and is widely available through companies like Proxair. Nitrous oxide Is used in canned whipping cream and at wine bars.

The potential advantage is your not dealing with a strong oxidizer like chlorine. Chlorine in a production eviorment can cause unintended issues. Chlorine was the major sanitizer at one time. Less volitale quinaline salts, became popular in the 1980’s in large glasshouse production, to keep feet clean. Almost all growers in Europe and Israel used these products. In the US it was seen at specialty cutting growers and swine breeding operations.

In the 1950’s Chlorine caused a wide verity of problems in the cut flower industry. I can find the exact reference if required.


Not to mention if you somehow get licensed to use nitrous for packaging your warehouse employees will thank you for happy hour at the the end of the work day. :dizzy_face:


I believe the issue was solved in the prewashed leaf lettuce industry. I will have to find the citation.

I my memory is not completely failing me the use a modified hood in packaging.


I second what Eathan is saying. Hunter, I believe you’re are correct. It is better suited for long distance shipping.

When building an automated packaging system for a cannabis client, the first thing I ask is “How long will the product be in the container”? The second is, “What is the quality of the container”? Nitrogen flushing is the most common atmosphere modification used in packaging and storage. For most cannabis products, if the product is going to be in the container for less than 8 weeks, don’t bother with atmosphere modification. Why spend the time and money if it’s not needed. A good quality container will do. Multi layer Nylon poly pouches, glass jars with a liner on the lid, plastic jars with a foil tear off seal and sealed metal cans all make good quality containers when used correctly. Nitrogen flushing will not work with all containers. It will leak out some of the pouches and jars being used in the cannabis industry.
The cannabis producer will need to look at what product they are making and what their shelf life is to determine if is worth the effort.


If a sample passes the initial microbial screening it should continue to do so without a sterilant in the packaging.

I trust Nick Mosely and his team at Confidence Analytics to perform science with integrity.

The chlorine dioxide sachet technology has already been commercialized under the brand name ProKure. They offer a great method to sanitize spaces in between harvests with their fast release packet. The slow release packet can be used during a crop cycle, but I would personally prefer not to be in the room with toxic gases if I don’t have to. I know a couple people who have used the fast release during a crop cycle to knock down PM (this is an off label usage). Here’s an attachment I received from their rep after seeing their presentation at last years Indo Expo. OMAHA FARMS - HOW WE REMEDIED AND PREVENTED PROBLEMS IN OUR GROW V5.PDF (2.2 MB)


I think I have said this before Chorine in closed spaces scares the hell out of me. Both from the phytotoxicity and human toxicity. Each year there is one or more stories of commercial pool technicians getting kill from chlorine leaks. Plus, we use ammonia sources in greenhouses and growrooms! Ammonia and Chlorine is a very bad combo.
Bleach and Ammonia aka mustard gas ammonia in greenhouses and growing room shows up in some of our choices of fertilizers ammonium nitrate! Your re-entry times would be higher than an organophosphate pesticide.

Sodium Percarbonate powder aka hydrogen peroxid powder may be purchased in bulk for about the same price per pound as chlorine. Some phytotoxicity problem at high levels but much easier to handle than chlorine.

dont use chlorine in closed spaces!