Chocolope Kush Journal

Strain: Chocolope Kush
Soil mixed with perlite and bat guano
Light: LED panel 800 watt
Pot: 15 L


Nice! Looking great @chiper


Thank you! It was also delicious :smiley:


Alrighty Mr Chiper. Tells us about yourself,. If you don’t mind. You been a grower since 2010? What got you into growing?


I was in Spain few years and there is legal to grow and use cannabis. There i start to learn about this amazing plant, to use it, to grow it :smiley:
In Romania is still illegal plants with THC bigger then 0.2% (only hemp and CBD is legal), that’s why i can not grow in Romania. But i never stop documentation about cannabis, i read how much i can about cannabis.
A few years ago I had a medical problem (hip osteoarthritis) and I was treated with cannabis oil. When I saw what medical cannabis can do, I began to read even more and find out about cannabis treatments.
Now I am ok and I try to write about recreational and medical cannabis for my country. I have 7 eBook. Hope some day will be legal in Romania too this amazing plant.


Hi @chiper , amazing work you doing growing, writing books and hoping for changes in Romania. Lovely growing and looking forward to seeing more from you on here. Can you post some of your book links?


4 of them are here> Valentin Chiper – cărți scrise de Valentin Chiper în format eBook
The last 3 i have only on my facebook page> Redirecting...
The eBooks are in Romanian language

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