Cleaning Greenhouse of Powder Mildew and other spores

Hey guys I’m posting to reach out and see what everyone uses to clean their greenhouses after having a crop full of powder mildew inside them. I’ve heard of a few different things but extremely curious what the community thought and why they use what they use? I’m going to start either tomorrow or Wednesday cleaning them out before I get any new plants in them.

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I use an ozone generator between grows, but make sure you do it safely if you go that route.


Spray and wipe with bleach and water or some type of antimicrobial. I just had powdery mildew and thankfully I cought it early enough. I made a milk and water solution and wiped down the effected leaves and cut off while wrapped up in a paper towel. I tried my hardest not to let any more spores spread. Then I went and got another oscillating fan to help increase the air flow at the base of the canopy. Haven’t seen it in a couple weeks so let’s hope it stays gone.


We use 35% peroxide and dilute it to between 3% and 5% to clean down everything. Wear gloves when making it.

We use to use the 3% peroxide from the store straight. But since we use peroxide mixes to clean, disinfect, get rid of mildew etc on the entire farm it’s more cost affective for us to buy the 35% food grade.

You can get it online. We get it from a local Amish store, which may not help anyone.


Mold, mildew and bacteria will grow if there isn’t enough UV light. All current greenhouse plastic and/or glass block UV and most of the current grow lights don’t produce all of the UV spectrum (280nm-400nm). which, by the way limits the plants THC production. Visit for more info.


@inreco. I checked out you’re site. For me I like to see the cost somewhere on the site. I tend to go somewhere else when a business wants me to do all the work from the start. I was looking for some technical specs, visuals of the product etc

Just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth




Provide me dimensions and then i can provide the cost! Technical specs were just posted 2 days ago. And i don’t see how a picture of rolled up plastic has any marketing value!

Hi, I’d love to assist in providing info to you on ozone. I’m Sara Schaack at Ozone Solutions - 712-460-3723 - looking forward to it -