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Clinical trials - anxiety, depression, PTSD

What strains are people using to manage mental health related symptoms?

In Particular:
Mood disorders.

Have you been a part of any clinical trials?

Do you know of any specific clinics trials (RCT/double blinded) results?

Do you have ancedotal evidence of specific effects from certain strains?

A main barrier for legalisation, I feel, is the current medical community discussing its link to exacerbation of certain mental health related disorders such as schizophrenia.

They also document the side effects of memory impairment, co-ordination issues which I think is predominately dose related.

This is from an Australian perspective where legal marijuana for specific medical conditions and recreational growing has only become an option in the ACT since the 31st.

It’s still criminalised under Federal/National/state/territory laws.

Just looking for knowledge and wisdom from others, feel free to add links to things related.



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