Clone defiency

So I have my wedding cake clone that I’ve had over a week now n it’s the only 1 of my 24 plants that has the claw looking defiency. I know it can come from heat stress or it could be issues with the nitrogen intake but what can I do to check or resolve this issue?

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Are they sitting in water?

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No when I water I always dump it. I just flushed the plant & I tested the pH level & it was light green

so im guessing that could be the cause of it? im using happy frog soil so im not sure which nutrient its lacking that i may need to give it if thats the case? I dont want to overload it with something & make it worse

Don’t have to much experience with “happy frog” I always use a blank medium and add what’s needed. But, I would wait until you need to water and check the ppm’s going in and coming out. If the run off is higher you have a build up. Does “happy frog” have enough perlite for good drainage?

Also someone told me if the run off ph is higher than when you water that’s also a sign of build up.

Hydro zyme will perk her right back up helps with old rooting roots and that rock wool hold moisture should do the trick