Clone didnt grow as big as its donor

I cut this clone from an Afghan Hash donor on 10/29. The donor was no where near beginning to flower. Why would the clone stay considerably smaller than its donor even though both received the same type, amount, and duration of nutrand light? The donor was harvested two days ago and it appears this clone is ready now.


October 29 this year? If you cut a clone off of a larger plant it will take a while for it to root and start to catch up to the plant it’s cloned from. The parent will be bigger in this scenario because the clone didn’t have as long to veg and develop its size before flower. If they are both under the same lighting and schedule the light will have determined when the plant flowers and not the size of the plant. Hence the clone being smaller then it’s donor.


Looks very tasty !! Yea - your growth is dependent on stages of light cycle - and method of cultivatin - BUT Genetics is your base factor !! Happy Cultivation