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Clones transplant

HELLO everybody ,
Its my first topic …
I’m a quite old guy and I started grow many years ago …
But my question is :
Do you guys often transplant clones from an aeroponic propagator to soil ? And do U find any slow roots grow just after that ?
What are your timing and your supplements for that ?
Thanks thanks


People transplant clones out of aeroponic cloners to all grow mediums, like soil, coco, or into a hydro systems.
Keep your nutes on the low end the 1st week, using a 20on/4off light schedule, or 18/6. I run Clonex Solution at 10ml/L in my areoponic cloner, then switch to my base nutes after transplant.
If your clones have a good root system established they’ll thrive and grow strong after transplant.

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Mine slow down after leaving the warm propagation unit to harden off which slows them while the plant taps in its centre root, but only for a bit of time.

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Almost all plants slow down for a bit when you transplant, just a bit to get used to the new “home”. Clones can be transplanted just like any plant from seed.

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My worries Are mostly concentrated on the soil changing issue , but as u said some slow down its natural , thanks man !

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That’s true … just thinking how to reduce the gap between sprayed water and soil…

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Thanks, I use clonex too ( of course I would say )
I’ll be happy to see the new growth in soil in let’s say a week … now happens that from aero to soil ( peat - vermiculite 50/50 ) I have a 10 days of sleep…
Perhaps I might increase ventilation and feed a bit harder , increasing EC … I’ll update !