Clones: Whats your best root time

What is your fastest time from the time of cut to Established roots coming out of the medium?
My fastest is around 48 hrs. My wife has done it in under 24 hours multiple times. These were done using 1” rockwool starter cubes, and clonex rooting gel. I also do not mean we had a single clone root that fast. It was an entire tray with 15-18 clones in each tray. Our average is usually 5-7 days and the roots are raging out of the bottom of the blocks. We cut thousands of clones from dozens of different genetics year round. Not all of our clones root like this, but a majority do. The clones in the picture are hemp clones that rooted out of the bottom of the block in 3 days.


This is one of my crosses I did. Its OG x Mendocino Purple. Both were early 90s seeds. The originals. Hahaha anyway, the clone just rooted out, and transplanted into a 4” container. It took 8 days this time to root out and be ready to transplant. She is now 2 weeks old.

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2 weeks old.

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