Cloudy with a chance of amber

I have a small outdoor grow of Runtz. My bro gave me some clones back in June and I have been growing 'em in 10 gallon pots using only Fox Farm’s Ocean mix and pond water. In the flower stage, I’ve been adding some tiger’s blood at half strength.

They are in their 8th week but no amber trichs yet. I am only using a magnifying glass and Iphone to check trichs. In week 7, I’ve only given pond water and last watering was Tuesday. It is Fri today. I was planning on harvesting this weekend but not sure if I should give another day or two.


Nice looking plants! Depending how much amber you want, and if the weather is going to be good, they probably could go another 6 or 7 days (FWIW).


Ty Nacho151. I don’t want a lot amber but don’t want her to miss her full potential by not having any. I might give her a few more days.


Hey @cirz

Looking good. Like @nacho151 says about another week. Just keep your eyes on the flowers and watch them go from cloudy to amber, it says runtz is a quick flowering plant from 8-9 weeks.


pond water works great al most the same temperature as your plant roots that a plus if your wanting a indica high let them go close to first frost but still watch tri so they do not degrade to much me i love indica high i let my guerilla grows go untill first frost chop down before first frost.