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CMH Reflector Battle (Compact vs Adjust-A-Wing)

Hey guys I will soon upgrade to a CMH 315W light and was wondering which reflectors are best suited for it.

Choice 1 would be a compact reflector like this one from Viasun

Choice 2 the Adjust-A-Wing reflector which I have only hear really good things about. With the spreader the light diffusion is really nice and there are no hotspots

For some reason nearly all CMH Lamps come with compact reflectors but that might just be because the like to mount the electronic ballast on the lamp itself.


Using the best reflector is how you’re going to get your light to be the most efficient. I’ll keep plugging the Migro YouTube channel and Shane’s reviews. This one is for HPS reflectors, but he has some great CMH reviews as well.

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Sweet the Daisy Secret Jardin looks sick! I guess ill get the 100 fir my 1m2 growbox… looking on the site its not so clear

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