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CO Western Slope HEMP EXTRACTION offer for GROWERS

If you are looking for a place to extract your hemp for a split of the oil call us at 970-765-7181 for more information. We have the best and safest technology on the market which provides whole-plant oil straight from the extractor.

Extraction technology information:
The universal technology uses a solvent which is proven not to affect the nature of the raw material. It enables low pressures extraction which allows extraction of more flavor and aroma substances from the plant through a solvent power greater than CO2 and Hexane.

Call today for more information.



Your phone number you left doesn’t have enough numbers?

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Apology - the phone number has been correct. 970-765-7181

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Hi, our technology uses R134a refrigerant which in combination with a low pressure is the best solvent to protect the plan and give you the best possible product right out of the extractor. With our extraction technology, you will skip steps (i.e winterization, etc.). Let me know if you need more information. If you send me an email, I can send you some more information.

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Very good. I figured you were using Tetrafluoroethane. I really do not know a ton about it. I messaged you our email. Thanks!

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