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Co2 infused water via GAIA water Systems-increase yields by min 20%

I works with companies involved in healthcare, pain management and cannabis including cultivators, energy management, greenhouse optimization, horticulture and seed genetics, physicians, health care clinics, medical intakes including privacy issues, education, security, and other concerns of patients using cannabis as part of a multi-faceted pain management program. I currently serve as CEO of International Cannabis Solutions- [email protected]

Our mission is “to be the elite choice for international business solutions in the cannabis and healthcare industries”

Two immediate solutions we can provide is GAIA Water Systems- can increase your yield by more than 20% using co2 infused water and nano bubbles. I have several clients using this technology both on an institutional and craft growing settings.

ITs literally a pump that creates Co2 and produces micro nano bubbles that give roots a surge of Co2. It can also be used as an organic means of pest control. The Co2 and water gets sprayed on the plant and the Co2 kills and bugs or microorganisms that aren’t supposed to be there.
The units are only $3500.00 and one can do multiple rooms at 50 gal a minute.

There is no technology like it in the world and feel so fortunate we were chosen to distribute for the Cannabis industry.

The other is by energy audits and cost saving by up to 30% in energy management. Solar, Energy Audits, Geothermal, Technology Optimization, to name a few.

Hope this helps with ideas on saving money and increasing yields.:slight_smile:



Welcome @ICS - do you have any pictures of the CO2 setups you can share?

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Yes but how do I upload?

If anyones interested they can email me and I can send them not just a pic but also the data.

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If you start a new post, click on the icon that looks like a hard drive with an arrow pointing upwards and that will allow you to upload photos or attachments:

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Kevin Hall Brochure (2) (2) (1).pdf (627.5 KB)

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Thanks, that did the trick!

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About Gaia USA, Inc…docx (1.1 MB)

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Is there a less expensive way for smaller growers to utilize the basic workings of this machine,smaller unit for less cost? Does this unit run constantly or only during feeds?

Does the bubble size have an effect, what about a standard carbonizer unit for regular water systems?

always interested in killing the buggies too!


The smallest is the 3500 one runs constantly. yes the smaller the bubbles the better- they pop with co’2

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SO does the DO content of the water change? Does the ph or the electroconductivity change with your product? The brochure mentions creating oxygen but you mention creating CO2. Are you putting co2 or o2 into the water for the roots? :slight_smile:

Just a little confused as to your brochure posted here and to what you mention above!


The pump creates Co2 and infuses the the water. Doesn’t change anything

Kevin Hall
Executive Director, Chronic Pain Toronto
[email protected]

Chronic Pain Toronto does not recommend any one treatment. We
support the education of different options concerning pain management
so you and your medical team can make informed decisions.

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