Coast of maine Stonington blend

Hi to everyone
I have been gone for awhile I had a break in growing. But I am back. I have a question

Who has used Coast of Maine Stonington Blend?

I decided to give a go in a “super soil” and so far I have had both a good and bad experience.


The SOIL? I have used it

a) Expensive
b) Strong
c) Needs Rice Hulls for more air

I have found that it is best to use mixed with Happy Frog 1:1 for a one time soil.
I also use it by the shovel full as I refresh/compost my soils.

I am a big fan of COM- Lobster Meal and the Stonington dry fert is a mainstay in my Veg room.


I have been mixing with soul soilless 2:1 I have been have good luck since I started doing that

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So here’s the line up

From left front:
Royal Blueberry (Zia Royal Kush x Dj Shorts Blueberry)
9#pi (9# Hammer x Pieburt)

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