Coco coir and canna A and B

Hey I’m just about to germinate a few more seeds and give growing with coco coir a go. I was wondering if anyone uses canna A and B and if so could you let me know what ratio to use for the different stages of growth or if anyone has a chart they could post that would be awesome sorry if there is something posted already I did look but couldn’t find anything


Hi @silverskittle

Welcome to GN. Below is the chart you are looking for:


@chrisj jesus that was quick cheers! And I’ve gotta say I’m loving how helpful everyone is here


Congrats on joining the group. Im sure you’ll love it here.

Welcome to the growers network. Glad to see you grow.

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Hey I have a couple of jugs of that sitting on my workbench…let me know how that nute does, I bought it but had a couple of really tough grows experimenting with different things, so went back to my old faithful AN nutes. So haven’t tried it. Would love to see some pics of your grow. If you go to Canna’s site they have videos of all the molecules and how it works lol. They also say if you use their coco NOT to put any pearlite or other ariators in it.