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College Graduate Seeking Advice on Out-Of-State Job Search



My name is Chris Sevigney and I am a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an Emphasis in Manufacturing. I am a hard worker, a fast learner, and I have a strong desire to relocate within the United States to work in the legal cannabis industry.

I have been looking at job listings, but I have been hesitant to begin applying, as the majority of these listings include requirements for the current possession of MED, OLCC or other licensure.

What is the best way to pursue employment in the cannabis industry for the out-of-state candidate? Am I better off ignoring these requirements and submitting applications, contacting companies directly, …?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


I know our OLCC Worker Permit is $100, pretty steep to purchase on a whim. The processing time on a license is about 2 weeks. The state has gone back and forth on applicants being allowed to work before being officially permitted. I am sure all of this varies by state.

If you have a specific skill set, such as mechanical engineering (did you get any process engineering with that?), you’re most suited job market may be hash production.

I’d start with cold application calls/emails. Try to be specific with what you can bring to the table as an engineer.

The overall job market in Oregon has had a pretty big glut of hopefuls. One avenue that has gotten solid workers permanent jobs is through cannabis friendly temp agencies. Great workers don’t last long at the temp agency, while average workers get stuck there doing remedial labor.

Perhaps focusing on states that are about to go legal would be most beneficial?

Just my 2 cents from Oregon.

Good luck to you!


Hey Chris!

Here’s my AZ advice:

I can speak for AZ and tell you that this job market is rough! While the industry itself is rapidly expanding, it seems wages at the lower level have more or less stagnated. The state requires that all individuals working on the dispensary side possess a Dispensary Agent (DA) card. These cards cost $500 annually. Yes, EVERY single year. Most dispensary owners want to retain long-term employees with that expense. I worked for a dispensary that made me pay for my card over the course of the first few paychecks…either way, it was a steep cost!

As the owner of a grow and extract company, license maintenance costs me thousands of dollars every year. Consider the expenses you might incur beyond your typical moving costs, should you decide to move and get into the industry. Your skill set should serve you well! I’m with @Farmer_Dan here in that your background might make you especially suitable as a processor or as an extractor.

Good luck!

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$500 annually? Holy cow!

Ours are 5 year for $100. Crazy…

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Yeah…Arizona’s fees can only be described in two words: exorbitantly expensive! $150 annual fee to the state for a patient card. Many cannot afford the medication they need, let alone the cost of the card to keep them legal or go to a dispensary. The system is rigged.


I thought Oregon was nickle and diming the industry too much, but I will count my blessings, AZ takes the cake!


I wish we could take the cake in other areas…like education spending…but yeah, we’re the worst there too. You’d think with all the money coming in from mmj we’d have at least a halfway decent school system, but nooooooo.

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I’ve been in contact with Janine Bush the president of
She was very responsive and willing to give pointers on my resume. I think most of their work is on the east cost.

One of my favorite companies is Rough Brothers Inc. or RBI. They are a fourth generation greenhouse company. They started out refurbishing turn of the century greenhouses. Now they are a design build engineering company, They are out of Cincinnati but are a world wide company. They build some of the most modern greenhouses in the world. They’re always looking for engineers.
Ph # 5132420310