Colloidal Silver to promote seeds

I’m looking to see what people think of this practice. I’m on another growing forum and one of the growers is trying to make his female have seeds on purpose but only on one branch. I personally love the experimentation aspect of it. He sprayed colloidal silver on his flowering plant on one branch 3x/day for 16 days and now she’s showing pollen sacs.

Of course there is a great discussion going on as to whether the seeds will be viable or have weak genetics prone to herm, whether he should use the pollen on that same flowering plant or use it on another and so on. There’s also one grower who is stating that the CS isn’t really doing it, but it’s merely stressing the plant so she’s herming.

Thoughts on this? If the CS isn’t doing it, does that mean that a person could use any benign substance and spray it on to stress the plant?

I’ve already had a great discussion on here about whether seeds from a hermed plant are viable so we don’t need to get into that part.


Relevant articles:

The trouble is, I can’t find a legitimate scientific paper on the subject (particularly since cannabis is so under-researched). Everything I’ve read is anecdotal or hearsay. What I do find is that colloidal silver is useful as an antimicrobial for plants (given silver’s natural antimicrobial behavior).

The closest I could find is specific to cucumbers, although is potentially applicable to cannabis:

It took some digging to find that paper. It’s from Plant and Cell Physiology, Volume 20, Issue 8, 1 December 1979.


More food for thought:

From the thread:

We are in essence trying to penetrate the plant’s epidermal layer and deliver the silver
particles to the cellular level to interfere with the ethylene production and ultimately
suppress it.

This done to a female staminate plant will create a full reversal when all goes well and
the results are viable pollen that will donate all the DNA and RNA that her lineage has
to offer,be it good or bad.

This is simply not going to create an exact clone or duplicate of the gal that is reversed any more than hitting her with pollen from a male sibling from her generation.

I want to make that clear …
The results with your feminised breeding will be based solely on your ability to select a proper parent
on both sides of the equation be it donor or receptor.
This is merely a means to an end.

Needs to be backed up with sources though.


That is unbelievable. Thank you so much.

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HI there , its Cg,

gibberellic-acid, plant hormone, sprayed on a female bud /pistil (that’s a rough simplistic version)
remember you can get a lot of “hermes” doing this so please report back with pictures on how this works out, (include a time span/calendar)
This may clear up any anecdotal information and tell you how germination of female seeds works, and various techniques.

Best of Luck
PS Send a few my way it works out for you !


Hi Charlie,

Just trying to clarify, are you suggesting gibberellic acid is a better approach to producing feminized seed than colloidal silver?