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Colombian Girl Grower

I bet that black market weed smells like ammonia by the look of it… But your flower looks fresh and yummy!! Nice looking buds @lorenaparra!

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Thats awesome to have a fellow grower in Colombia,

We are based out of Medellin and will be attending Copa de rey in Bogota this month and Copa de flores in medellin also this month!

Great flowers y bienvenidos a la comunidad!!!


Doing some cannabis promotion today a working with an old client, They are a crowdfunding cannabis growing platform. Saw on their IG account they have partners in Colombia just now and thought I would share on this current topic.



Wow what a public service you are providing! Hope everything goes wonderful for you! It’s to bad every government has to regulate this wonderful medicinal plant. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around being able to grow as many round up ready alfalfa as a farmer wants. Just as long as he signs a waver stating he wont let the plant go to seed :roll_eyes: but here in Colorado we are only allowed 6 cannabis plants per person and 12 per household. And there is all kinds of fine print that goes into all that. So it is good to see other countries being progressive. Any progress for this medicinal plant is good progress!

Welcome and happy growing!

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great to hear from you! In Medellin there is quite a lot of cannabis culture, I follow good growers from there.
I think I will go to the event in Bogota, it would be great to meet you there. Are you going to participate in the cup?

thank you for your good wishes, I agree this plant is great and good that everyone can access it and benefit from it legally.
Do you grow at home? any preference in the grow?
It’s great for me to be connected with you.

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I do grow at home. And I personally live growing outdoors. The sun is free and it’s amazing the results you can get. I’m actually mainly focusing on breeding this summer. My partner has all the ladies that will be for flower only. But me I’m in the breed game!

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Yes we will be participating and also in the Cata, will be at the Seedstockers booth most of time! see you then

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