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Colombian Girl Grower

Hello everyone!
I’m Lorena writing from Bogota-Colombia. I am currently leading a Startup about different services related to self-cultivation of cannabis in my city and surroundings. I have been growing cannabis for 3 years, I have been very passionate about it and I have learned a lot, I had the opportunity to learn from an American grower who has been growing cannabis and gardens for much longer. My academic studies are related to international business and administration.

In Colombia, in spite of advancing very slowly in policies on consumption and development of cannabis, this due to the relation of the plant with the violence of drug trafficking, it has recently given significant advances not only allowing the industry to develop and take advantage of the good environmental conditions that we have as a territory but also has allowed society to stigmatize the plant and to find great benefits for health and wellness. Seeing in this great opening of the cannabis market and the desire that ordinary people have in growing their own plants (being allowed in Law 30 of 1986 and in Decree 613 of 2017 that allow to have up to 20 marijuana plants in the house, exclusively for own consumption) in order to have a quality harvest made 100% by their own enthusiasm to grow. We designed a various cultivation services for people totally inexperienced in cannabis cultivation and for those who already had the experience but wanted to improve.

I have been following Cannabiscrib’s work in the cannabis industry and would like to learn a lot more from this community of experts.

Thank you for all the information shared, it has been a great help to me and my desire to learn more about this amazing plant.


Hi @lorenaparra

Welcome to GN and thank you for the kind words about our knowledgeable community. Great to hear the work you are doing and also that there is movement in your country with cannabis laws. Wow, 20 plants is more realistic than where I am, we only allowed growing 8 legal plants in South Africa. Something closer to your home is Equador, and one of our members, @paulcoyote , has been making big roads for the legal cannabis market.

So what is the strain you posted, looks very good. Indoors? Is the indoor growing market big in Colombia?


Hi @chrisj

Thank you! We enjoy the privilege of legally having up to 20 plants, the indoor cannabis growing market is starting to expand positive news about the opening of the cannabis market is generating a good impact on society and there are more people interested in learning to grow and have their own cannabis for medical reasons or enjoyment.

At the moment I have in my crop seeds from the bank limited trees genetics. They are completely indoors, in vegetative phase they have T5 fluorecent lights and in flowering sometimes with LED and sometimes with HID. The ones in the photo were in past harvests, some beautiful Jack Herrer, indoors too.

great job! @paulcoyote I think it is of great importance for Latin America to advance in cannabis, it is a great business opportunity and helps the stigma in society become less and allowing access to real information about the plant and her multi-benefits not only to health but the use of the whole plant benefits nature as well.

I would like to improve my knowledge in organic growing, if you would like to share some tips it would be of great help to me to apply them in my grow.


Welcome Lorena!

This is THE place to make contacts and learn from the friendliest growers from around the globe.
Any help you may need, here I am.

Greetings from the slopes of Chimborazo!


Hello Lorena!
EDUCATION is the key to reform! Always start on the local community level, talking to family and friends about the miraculous healing properties of cannabis! Cannabis is a ‘tool’ for healing that dates back ALMOST 5,000 years to the Chinese who used it for medicine!
Study and learn everything that you can about OUR endocannabinoid system that is part of our natural body and every vertebrate! And how every mammal’s breast milk naturally contains cannabinoids for their offspring! Also, the benefits of ingesting cannabis oil to fight cancer! And the synergistic, ENTOURAGE EFFECT of using THC, CBD and hemp seed oil. Benefits of raw cannabis!
Google memes on the internet of cannabis healing benefits! SHARE them!
Cannabis is 100% ORGANIC and natural powerful medicine! It’s our God given RIGHT to use the medicine that works for us! (For religious folks, reference Genesis 1:29)
It takes a LOT of freedom fighting to change the stigma! Countless patients suffer needlessly until their agonizing death! We NEED compassion for those folks!
Hope this helps!
Good luck and happy growing! :grin:
If you ever need help or advice with anything or have any questions about growing cannabis just HMU anytime!


Always start on the local community level, talking to family and friends about the miraculous healing properties of cannabis!

Well said @phenehunter420 and glad to have you here on GN. Welcome. Lovely words of advice and encouragement. Made me reflect on my life and what I am doing here. Good news is I am working towards something it seems. Several years ago my neighbours wife told me that if I ever brought weed onto their farm she would call the police!!! It was in a friendly way, but with a word of warning.

As of yesterday they have loaded some CBD products to their online “farm to fork” that I assisted them in sourcing. Her husband uses cannabis for his medical problems, and she even grew a plant or two last season in their garden!!!

A cannabis warrior from South Africa once told me something important when working towards the goal of life. She said, Start with yourself, then your home/family, then your neighbours, move onto your community, town, and then country. That is how you change the world. Or something like that, those words have always stuck in my head.

Keep on growing.


Thanks for the warm welcome chrisj! It’s nice to have active interaction between members!
I’m a native of California, USA! I’ve been growing for over 20 years and STILL learning every day brother! I worked for several co-ops and big growers! I’ve been an advocate speaking up at city council meetings! I’ve watched cannabis go from very illegal to LEGALIZED for recreational use in the past 30 years!
I have extensive knowledge of growing 100% natural and organic herbal cannabis! I even play around with breeding projects! I’m a phenohunter and looking for pure landrace strains for their unique qualities with different medicinal effects. I feel that it is extremely important to preserve the original strains before they become extinct! ONE strain that I am TRYING to get is the African Black Magic cannabis seeds! Have you ever heard of it?
Happy growing brother!


Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the work you have done over the decades. Lets keep promoting cannabis, its only going for everyone the more of us join the revolution!!!

ONE strain that I am TRYING to get is the African Black Magic cannabis seeds! Have you ever heard of it?

You can kind of tell how long a person has been in the industry by the strain names they talk about or looking for. Generalizing alot, but, Newbies are looking looking for Gelato, wedding cake and everything else that is sweet. Amateur pheno hunters are looking for the likes of Durban Poison, Swazi Red etc, while the veterans are looking for African Black Magic. Maybe this would be a good discussion for a new topic or let me find an old topic of landrances and tag you. Dont want to hijack a thread.

A very cool documentary about Colombian landraces. Will be staying with Simon next week at the Canna Cup in South Africa.


RIGHT! I have no intentions of hijacking this thread!
As a matter of fact, I’m interested in original Colombian landrace strains too!

To answer Lorena about growing cannabis…
LIVING Organic soil is a goal! Feed the soil, not the plant! Using ALL organic, NO need to check PH and make adjustments like chemical fertilizers!
Start off with a base of say 50% sphagum peat moss, 20% perlite and 20% vermiculite! Add 10% dolomite lime! AND mycorrhizal innoculate to promote root growth, especially during transplanting!
Use green and brown composts! Bokashi tea… Banana peels for potassium… Alfalfa tea… Neem seed meal for soil to prevent bugs!
Compost teas for grow and bloom. High NITROGEN for grow. Lower nitrogen during flowering cycle and high PHOSPHORUS and POTASSIUM!
Create a perfect environment if possible!
Use beneficial insects such as predatory mites, nematodes and lady bugs BEFORE insecticides!
Bright LIGHTS, proper humidity and organic living soil garden is the keys to success! ALSO, GOOD genetics are essential to creating delightful buds!

There’s some tid bits to start…

Good luck and happy growing! :grin:


Wow, that is a very generous allotment of plants in your households ! Truth be known, 20 plants grown unrestricted would supply a household with enough smoke for 5 years at least lol.

Beautiful grow, beautiful plants! Welcome !


I own stock now for several years in one of your commercial cannabis companies. They aren’t doing very well. Pharmicelo LTD. I figured since they grow outside, they would have a distinct cost advantage. So far I have lost 81% of its value lol. I keep waiting for them to go up, they keep making positive announcements but nothing happens. Oh well.


Thank you Paul for your message. it has become a passion for me and I would be more than happy to share with you on this great Net.
@sssportsmfg sssportsmfg I am sorry that your ivestment isnt doing well, just last week the announcement was made where the government allowed the exportation of dried cannabis flower. Although it is good news, it is too late for some big companies that decided to leave the country while waiting for a positive news. It is very unfortunate, however I believe that a good time is coming with cannabis in Colombia.


Yea, that’s why I have held on to it. Hopefully it will take off soon. Can’t lose much more so might as well hang on to it. Thanks for the well wishes!


wow I didn’t know so much about our own strains, I really enjoyed watching the documentary, it is very knowledgeable, very unfortunate the situation of the peasants victims of the conflict and the lack of real attention from the government. I hope they are taken into account when providing benefits for the growers of so many years of marijuana crops, it is quite impressive the amount of time and knowledge they have in these marijuana fields.
I will be looking for some good autochthonous seeds from the country to start germinating in my grow.

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Thanks for your advice, it is of great help, I had just been battling against fongus gnat, I was controlling it with neem oil, but now that you mention it, I did not know that there was neem seed meal to put it directly into the soil and prevent, it will be of great help. Excellent information I will take care of putting it into practice in the mix for the soil, it will help me save money in my grow and have a organic crop. I appreciate your time for giving me these tips.


Yes, we benefit from this decree that allows us to have up to 20 plants; but in reality this number was given because marijuana is of great importance for indigenous families as it is in their traditional medicine and is part of the culture, and precisely as they live in community the initial idea is that with 20 plants would be enough to supply the entire community; however, all citizens have this privilege.


I want to share with you a video of the marijuana that is usually sold on the black market in Colombia, as you can see it comes pressed and with diseases of the plant that are very harmful to the body of those who consume it, it is a small comparison that a friend made and I shared it on my intagram page.
That is why I believe that the service I provide helps my community a lot, sharing information with them and preventing them from consuming this plant that is actually more harmful than beneficial.
What do you think?


Welcome to gn Lorena!

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Without a doubt Lorena. Teaching everyone how to grow better is an important step in this industry. We get a lot of black market weed that is sold with mold and other contaminants and people dont have clue. I actually started a cannabis social club in my village for a number of reasons, but mainly for guys to grow better cannabis. We get together every few months to learn about growing good organic cannabis aswell as share resources. It has already made a difference.


Thank you very much! :relaxed:

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