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Colorado mountain town approves first drive-through marijuana shop

I remember seeing drive through liquor stores for the first time and now we have the same for cannabis:


That’s great news, cannabis is losing its stigma and being seen as an ordinary luxury item. :slight_smile:

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This is great! Yeah Colorado was the first time I ever saw drive-through liquor store.

These drive-throughs, as well as in-store express lanes, give customers more convenient “check-out” options; customers, and business have to love that. The checkout experiences can be greatly enhanced by online ordering capability IMHO. That way an order can be submitted, validated, confirmed, filled and even paid for - all prior to pick up. Make it more streamlined for the customer.

Of course, this type of transaction is normal for many non-cannabis industries EG restaurants, pharmacies, banks. I expect this to be a more sought-for feature by dispensary owners and their customers, as the industry continues to get more “legit”

That this type of option is allowed by the MED is pretty cool.


I first saw drive-through liquor/beer stores in Australia. I think they existed there before they made it to the US. Drive-through pharmacies do seem to be the norm now. The local dispensary I go to has an express pickup lane for online orders, but they don’t quite have a drive-through model yet. They have 4 entire windows dedicated to their express pickup which is almost as many as they have in the store for walk-in customers.


Drive through pharmacies are generally designed with the elderly in mind. While they can be convenient, it’s more useful for people who have mobility difficulties.


The elderly are one of the best and most disruptive markets cannabis can hit IMO. Big pharma has had it way too easy keeping them hooked on shit for the last 50 years… Time for some natural medicine.


And the drive-through is opening tomorrow:

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