Comfort Trim Scissors

We recently launched a new trimming scissor, called Comfort Trim, which allows the user more comfort and efficiency while trimming. It also reduces the risk of accumulated cramping, pain and even repetitive motion injury. Check them out!

The Comfort Trim Scissors feature a unique elastic bow to cling to fingers and reduce minimum idle grip strength. It is super-comfortable, and worthy for those people spending the deserved time hand-trimming their harvests.


The partially enclosed elastic bow grip leaves the index and little finger free to provide balance and accuracy.

Ideal for:

  • Large crop harvests.

  • Faster trim times per pound.

  • Reducing hand and wrist strain.

  • Using hands for short tasks, such as moving boxes, without setting down tools to increase worker time efficiency.

Questions? Please send me a message @ritchiedesign for more information.


Nice I will be on the lookout. Scissors are just like PH meters to me. Throw them away every run. Easier, less hassle, cost is non factor.