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Commercial grow looking to Partner

We are an Oklahoma commercial grow with a 160 acre farm. We would love to work with an out of state established grow who would like to branch in to the Oklahoma market

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Can you be more specific, what are you seeking from an experienced operator?, are you seeking an equity partner? Looking to be acquired? Genetics?

We are searching for an equity partner, as well as genetics. The Oklahoma market continues to grow everyday and we want to be able to keep up. With recreational just around the corner, O’Malley Farms has the ability to grow to something great with the right partner. We are wanting to expand our operation from a small indoor grow to put our 160 acres to full use. There is even opportunity to move into the hemp market as well.

To take this in parts, genetics, this is the site for getting up to speed. What I can tell you is to grow strains that match your environment.
Hemp you farm.
Regulated cannabis is another story entirely.
You will need to develop a business plan for your market, then you can scale the project accordingly.
I see projects that run from $10M to $100M for indoor or mixed light cultivation. Greenhouses can be up to $1M per acre.
First I would suggest, if you have a mortgage on the property now, you get on good terms with your lender. They may call your loan due, if you go forward on commercial cannabis.
Also do your homework on value added manufacturing, vertical integration is where the long term profit is.
We can bring equity investment, but, understand this is all private equity. There are no banks lending on Canna.

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Until now growing indoors is very expensive because of the artificial lighting required. And i have yet to find lights that produce the necessary light spectrum that reproduces the Suns light. For THC production you need UV A&B (280nm-400nm). Forget UVC, it never enters the earths surface. For photosynthesis you need 400nm-500nm and 600nm-700nm. My new plastic for greenhouses passes the Suns complete light spectrum and in 20 years of testing in the Florida Sun, never degraded or stretched. Current greenhouse plastic must be replace every 3 years. For more info visit