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Commercial Grow tent LED question

Hello everyone. Hoping people still respond to forums now a days.

I’m looking to house 30 plants that are in 2gal fabric pots , coco and grow them in a 10x20 gorilla grow tent. First solo run and There’s some questions that pop up.

I will be transplanting the plants to 5 or 7 gal pots (haven’t made up my mind depending on 10x20 space) and starting them off on week 2 veg from there.

•how many 1000w LED light fixtures will I need for a 10x20 g.grow tent.
•5gal or 7gal pots

Thanks! :blush:

If you need more info feel free to ask

well, it all depends on the lights… if you have a light that can cover more area, you will need less… i roughly do 8 plant per 4x4 area… I use a 380watt drive for it… but the 380 drivers with leds puts out more the the 1000watts bulbs… but thats if you know how to choose the correct led lights. if you’re doing led i suggest hydroponic system with heavy feeding schedule. you might only be able to do 6 every 4x4 tho of your veging more amd doing the 7 gal pots…

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gorilla grow tents are one of the best… matérial amd frame…

Thanks alot for the response UltraPuff. Im using Mills products on a medium schedule and I started a small grow (2 gorilla glue) instead of jumping into the amount I was given the opportunity to do so.

1 , 1000w output LED (Gavita pro)
7 gal fabric smart pot , just transplanted as of 9/14 , week 1 Mills (millspaysthebills)
4x4 tent fully set up with ventilation

Question for you, what is the best way you know of , of measuring your light? Is it an electrician tool such as PAR or photometer?

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yeah… You’re going to def need a par meter bro… I found one for not so much… but you most def need one… those lights are powerful… im going to attach a link for the one that i got! but everything you’re doing sounds good. what medium are you using? if its a soilless don’t forget to add some microbes. gorilla glue is a good plant to play with… shes very strong and grows awesome… i got mine in a heavy feed and they are over there praising the gods as we speak.

this is the vpd chart for led… you should try to stay in the yellow…

remember… different fazes of the growth different temperature, humidity and light you will need