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Compliance Compliance

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
As the cannabis industry continues to move at the speed of light and sound. Cultivation’s, store fronts are rapidly rising up throughout the state and applications for new permits are flooding into the various cities and counties for approvals. What happens to the saying “the devils in the details”? Sure, you are experts in how to grow and sell or maybe a novice however you are well-funded and ready to jump out of the gate and make your mark in this industry space.
How well versed are you about all the very stringent and always being updated security protocol’s and regulations that you must abide by. This is not a pitch for you to have security officers or even to put cameras in or to provide you cash transport. Sure, all those things are important however what I am talking about is the word “Compliance”. As this is targeted towards the security and risk mitigation that can impact your business. Compliance will make or break your business venture.

I talk with both start ups and established companies every week and the best advice I can give them is to be sure they know what both the city and state regulations require regarding operating their businesses under the various jurisdictions. In this industry space cutting corners can shut down your entire operation. Remember that just because you are proficient in setting up your operation you must become an expert in understanding and implementing compliance throughout your entire operation.

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The best advice, rely on experts.
You can be the best grower or biochemist, but, these operations span so many agencies.
A recent facility build included a commercial kitchen, OSHA regs, food handling compliance. You have to be a restaurant owner too.
Local fire codes, wastewater permits, hazardous waste. You can run into a buzz saw of agencies.
Most importantly, these regulations are evolving so having experts on board to keep a constant lookout is invaluable.