Cons of autoflowers

Im wondering if autoflowers are less potent, less flavorful or worse in some kind of way than photoperiods. I only have 1 tent so im unable to clone therefore im wondering if autoflowers would be better since they only take 8-10 weeks. I do want potent and tasty bud though.

Normally with auto’s you will sacrifice a little bit of potency and yield for speed

If you have the room to do so you can start a new auto with the same flowering time every couple of weeks, keep the light schedule 18/6 or even 24/0 if you want, they will begin flowering when they are ready regardless, then in time you can have a plant to harvest every couple weeks

Small yields maybe but a continuous supply


Learn how to grow autos well and you will sacrifice nothing… I only use them to test drive a strain or a grow technique as they don’t cost me a whole season… I might go indoor and try a run in my tent but I am not sure…lol… I started on them and loved them…but photos are just so much less finicky and I can get them 12’ outdoors…


You can grow them perfectly, an auto is still not going to fully yield what a photo will, there just isn’t time before it starts flowering

Potency sure, you can grow super potent autos

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When a seedbank lists the flower time is that time from seed to harvest or just the time from the point the plant starts to flower?? Thanks for the information.

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Time it starts to flower…


I’m growing an autoflower right now and I gotta say I wish that I had a photo flower. I had some problems in the beginning with my media and overwatering and it stunted the growth of my plant. It’s not as big as I would have liked and I don’t have time to correct the nutrient deficiencies I see in the leaves before it flowers. It is also more expensive to run the lighting schedule (because the lights have to be on 18:6 or 24:0 it’s whole life if you want the best yield… or so I’ve read. Still my first time growing) it was excellent to learn on though. I’m not throwing 3-4 months into this plant with poor genetics (bag seed) trying to fix it before I plant another. It’s just kinda like, well that didn’t work as well as I hoped. Maybe with some photos I’ll have better luck.

One question for those who know about autoflower plants: how long do they usually flower for? 4 weeks? Is this when I need to watch the tricomes carefully?

Ok so in reality than an autoflower really only takes a couple weeks less than photoperiods, right? Cuz theyll say 8 weeks to flower and im sure it doesnt start flowering until week 3/4 so total time would be 11/12 weeks. Whereas a photo usually takes 13/14 weeks.

I’m a photo guy. I’ve never grown autos nor do I want to lol photos give you alot more veg time to train and grow as large as you want but this is just my preference

Indoor… I am an outdoor grower and can get 3 auto grows in in the same period…so thus my plants tend to be 40 weeks from start to finish… and usually 12-16 weeks indoor…

Yes indoor.

I grow autos and they are great but it’s best to get XL autos and tie them down put them in like a 7 gallon pot and you would get six or more ozs off each one of them

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I’m sure when a seed bank states the time scales, they give the shortest time… ever! :man_facepalming:t2::joy: Mine went longer, quite a bit longer. +3 weeks… :weary: I vote photo for sure! Worth a try tho. :grin::+1:t2:

The biggest issue with autos is that you can’t clone them. I mean, you can go through the act of cloning them, but the outcome will take a ton of work and be a disappointment.
I do add stock with new seeds, from time to time, but I primarily clone to keep the grow moving forward with the next round. I raise clones in their own environment, primary veg in another and the last eight weeks in the flower tents. I do run the full cycle, but the girls are always moving room to room when the time is right. I get a harvest every 8 or 9 weeks.
They say that the most productive gardens have more than one room. And my rooms are just a few tents under the stairs. I get what you are doing, reducing time with autos… But what about running the clones straight into flower? It seems to reduce the time factor about the same. I recently ran into this idea from others here on this site, and wonder if its worth a try. This is the video that was posted here previously. Its cheesy and its not mine.

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Did he go straight to flower as soon as the clones were planted @atodd?

Im wondering if autoflowers are less potent, less flavorful or worse in some kind of way than photoperiods.

Autos have come a very long way since they hit the market. But according to some breeders they lack potency, yield and also are inferior genetics. I know some people that swear about autos all the time and call the dutch inferior genetics. I prefer growing from regular seeds, but have also grown several autos. I think they have their place for specific growers. Just my 2 cents.

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From clones showing roots, transplanted and allowed 14 days veg, then flipped to flower. I’m tempted to give it a go.

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That’s the beauty of hydro @atodd, we don’t have to waste much time with Veg. Our plants grow like crazy as soon as their root system is established. Looked like they were growing in rockwool cubes, and some nice HID lights.
I’m right around 3 weeks Veg time because of my grow space.