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Controlled enviroment agricuture specialists in the PlantLab, a privately held Dutch company in the UK

Its great that these studies are being conducted in the UK. Just about everything is in English.
PFAL professionals are allowing access to most case studies. Phillips LED team in the Netherlands proved LED commercial feasibility and has now implemented it in Green Sense Farms USA, Osaka University Japan, National Urban Park CAAS China, and Stockbridge Tech center UK.

Plantlab has over 22milllion already spent on their lab, and 200,000 square-foot HQ and research lab for optimization of crop production and agriculture improvements.

Has anyone ever seen a PFAL facility like this for Cannabis?

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That video is cool. Their point about optimizing for taste and nutrition since they don’t have to worry about pests is a good one. Same thing for transportation. If you don’t have to worry about long shipping times then maybe the days of tasteless tomatoes will be at an end.