Conventional Field Production 2.0


  • 5,000lbs usable material, without quality loss, on 40,00sqft of canopy (64g/sqft).
  • <2% loss
  • Quicker processing (less than 2.33 months), I would like 6 weeks total.

I’ll begin at the beginning in roughly 1 week.

Stay Tuned!


Definitely tuned in. What you do is pretty incredible.


Conventional Field Production 2.0?!?!?!



Could you tell us about what cultivars you’ll be growing and how you chose them?


I really like this question. How do you pick the cultivar?


I started with 20 in year one, but these were indoor initially. All but 7 didn’t like being outdoors, and I am going down to 6 next year. The ones that didn’t make the cut were mostly do to poor resistence to pathogenic fungus. I may look into purchasing new genetics in spring for a trial run of something new. I also intend to discuss with the extractor that I supply if there are specific genetics that they would like to see me grow.

2019 Lineup:

  • GDP
  • William’s Wonder
  • Critical Plus
  • Jack Herer
  • GG4
  • Barney Farms LSD

My selection criteria in order of importance:

  1. Ripens between the last week of September to the 2nd week of October. I prefer a spread.
  2. Resistence to pathogenic fungus.
  3. Yield per plant in native soil.
  4. Terpene yield
  5. Cannabinoid yield


Do you have the room or flexible do do a larger trial?

The picking of a field cultivar is such a personal choice. I would want to play with 25 to 100 cultivars. And start selecting for my micro environment. Just because someone says X is my favorite cultivar, you should grow it. X and I may not get along in my micro environment. It simpler inside to replicate an environment.

We once trialed capsicum for a sauce company. The pepper they wanted had 50 times the scoviles units where we grow them compared than when grown in the source country. Was not a good pick. We ended up using what was considered a choice but weak capsicum in the source country. It produced beautifully in central Missouri to eastern Kansas.

You know good when you see it.


I could, but I still need to make money. I would need to do about 100 of a single cultivar so that I could sell it for extraction. I also want to minimize risk on unknowns, so I was thinking that I would do 2-4 cultivars at a time, with the bulk being my established cash cows.


Understand. We always had 300 by 4 feet of fields for trials. About 1/250 of our total field production area. We were in a different business. The question was, what was going to be our next cash cow.


Indeed! It would be nice to do a row of 250 different cultivars for selection, but I really need a 150lb minimum per cultivar for ease of selling. The rules make that sort of trialing a problem…



Your in Oregon? Can you work with the state extension to run field trials? I understand the need to balance putting food on the table.

I understand the need for a minimum quantity of X verity from the field.

I am just thinking about when you find the golden goose verity that gives you twice the grams per square foot. I know it is wishful thinking.

I just thinking about when a friend who learned that they could produce asparagus flour from there 200 A farm. They doubled their production value. It made a good crop a great crop. I still don’t want to think about harvesting asparagus on that scale.

Let me find some references from the 1940’s they are hemp. But, one old grower Geo Ducochmen from St. Louis said some of the verities they grew for the war effort, where fun to smoke. I may have already posted the links to the extension publications.


I worked in the CSS dept at Oregon State for 3 years, I have an in there, but they have only just begun thinking about hemp, not rec yet. If I do hemp, I plan to push my contact for some face time with the department head and see if I can partner with them.


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Congratulations, you are now an adult.

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It is all fees, so tax deductible. :rofl: