Cooling your room in the winter?

Many people don’t understand why you would have to cool your room during the winter or understand why it can be extremely challenging. There are several reasons;

Bringing in wet and potentially very cold air into your grow room can cause several large issues. Issues such as a tremendous amount of moisture from wet air entering that can lead to mold and specifically powdery mildew. Having cold air come into the room can be equally as damaging by shocking the plants by flash freezing the plants and soil as well as condensation on any warm surface coming into contact with cold air.

Insulation is key all year around even in the winter as mother nature will do her best to penetrate the walls and ceiling. If the space is not insulated well enough the warm air in the space will collide with the cold air on the ceiling or walls and condensation will form, eventually leading to large droplets raining down onto your crop.

If you have decided to look into incorporating an environmental control system within your room make sure the system has a proper low ambient control. This controller will modulate the speed of the outdoor fan, ensuring the outdoor condenser core temperature maintains between 70-100F. By maintaining these system temperatures the unit will continue to operate at peak performance. Most air conditioning systems are not capable of cooling with outdoor temperatures below 50F, meaning the system will start to freeze!

All of our systems come complete with the ability to run into very cold climates including Alaska and Northern Canada where we have had customers running their systems at -35F!

Brandon Kion
Excel Air Systems