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Copperstate Release Party Wrap-Up


Last night Copperstate held their release event in downtown Phoenix and GNET was there to help party down! In true GNET fashion, we partied until the smoke filled the air and the bottles emptied, the acrobats stopped gyrating from the ceiling, and all the event staff had passed out all the goodie bags filled with great schwag. CannaCribs played on a loop on a giant screen placed prominently in your view right as you walked in the door. The theme was “Down the Rabbit Hole”…well, once all the pre-rolls, vape carts, and edibles had been handed out (and we were a few drinks down) there was no coming back from down that rabbit hole!

Thanks to Fife and the whole Copperstate crew for hosting an amazing event with lots of good times!

If any other GNET members attended last night’s party, we would love to see some of your pics here in this thread!

Here are a few pics from last night:


I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet you!!!

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You were there? And I missed you?!


You should probably just go back to bed and call it a week. :wink:

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Hahaha I wish!

You know that’s not happening!


Glad you and the crew had a fun time! It was great getting to see you all again and have you guys there celebrating with us!


Hi Jacob! Great seeing you as well!


Hahahahaha! Just saying, missing me is like missing life.

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You are a force of nature :wink:


It was great to see you there, @Jacob! Thanks for being the ever-convivial host and also thanks for showing up with that giant baseball bat of a joint…After a few dabs and some puffs off that jay I was toast! Great evening care of the Copperstate crew!


It was great to meet you too Amy!