Costs of Nutrients and Mediums in Commercial Hydroponic Cannabis

I have been searching high and low for information on the costs associated with commercial hydroponic cannabis nutrients and mediums. I realize that this can vary greatly based on many factors, but are there any general rules of thumb for estimating what an indoor grow of 10,000 to 30,000 sf will cost for these items? What is an average price per square foot of vegetative and flowering canopies for their nutrients and for their grow mediums, on a per harvest basis?

Thank you!

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These are typically times where you would get a consultation from someone local. Tailored to your specific needs.

Be it the environmental conditions to your alloted space.

There is no one answer as you’ve stated. Price points have no consistency. Neither does the application rates of nutrients lines. So many varieties and variables.

Personal taste of each grower is dramatically different as well.

One of the best routes is to find a grower you really enjoy. Their mediums, nutes, genetics, and the final results are all your driving factors for your decision.

You don’t want info from everywhere. You’ll be in the same position of over information.

Thank you Slym3r!

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Decide how many plants you plan on running. If you know the sq footage and have it designed already than you should know a rough eatimate of the amount of plants your going to run. That can help you break down the medium prices based on what medium your going to run with and the current market prices. As for nutrients, thats also on your design and planning. If your doing that size of a grow then you should already know what nutrients and feed schedule you will be running. If a person did not already know what nutrients they are going to run or how to use them then they should not even think about designing even a small grow. This should all be hashed out already before you build your grows. When you get into grows that size theres little room for error. Mistakes cost lots of money. So your question is easy to answer if the grows are already designed. Its not really an answerable question of they are not designed. Your design will determine how many plants you can run. Good luck.

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