Creating a cannabis bio

Hey everybody. Im looking for help putting together a “cannabis bio” to complete my resume. Does anyone out there have experience putting together something like this for a resume seeking employment as a cultivator? It needs to describe my dealings with cannabis from the start to current day, but I am having difficulty deciding what all should be included, and how to properly format it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update- thanks to anyone that chimed in. It seems I landed a gig with a startup.


Why not use a resume app to format it and make a cannabis resume along with the regular resume. There are lots of free resume programs to help do that. Almost like a reverse proposal
And @chrisdettore welcome to the forum.


I think you should just start from the beginning fella.

So if you started home grows in a tent or spare room in the year 2000 write;

1st January 2000 to December 31st 2000, grew x amount of plants, got so much yield for example.

Maybe put more info than the number of plants and yield like but thats a start, make a draft and then edit it.

Good luck.


Interesting question and was asked about 1 month ago for a CV, which I dont have. Creating your CV is simply giving a rundown of your experience, qualifications and achievements. And from previous experience with CV’s you want to keep it concise and simple, not bore the reader, potential employer. Something also not to forget is they want to see your working history, not gaps for years on end where you did not do anything.