Crop/Field security

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New to the forum so plz bear with me if I make some mistakes.

I’m interested in learning what other growers have done in efforts of securing their hemp crop/fields.

Other than the typical “No Trespassing Signs, Industrial Hemp Crop has ZERO THC so smoking this WONT make you high” type of signs what are other growers doing?

Anyone have experience in setting up a closed circuit surveillance system?

Or maybe buying some of those trial cameras what are reportedly setup for cellular surveillance by Verizon or AT&T, etc…

Please advise soonest. Thank you.

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ps I’m considering setting up a Broadband HamNet in order to post up a high-speed internet system at the field (which is very rural).

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If you have internet out in your field. I’d get a camera that alerts your cell phone right away. Nest or Netamo… These are basically plug and play.

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7.62mm nothing better

you can use wildlife cameras. then send it ti your cell via old cell tech. that or well yes closed circute is what is reported to be used in most indoor and other grows.